One Step Ahead of Google Classroom: The mLMS Advantage

One Step Ahead of Google Classroom: The mLMS Advantage

Updated March 28 2023

Google Classroom is a popular learning management system (LMS) that offers many basic functions. However, if you need more advanced capabilities, you might want to explore what the moodLearning Management System (mLMS) has to offer. Both platforms are excellent for collaborating and creating online classrooms, but the details can make all the difference.

Here are six (6) reasons why you should switch to mLMS:

  1. Unlimited Possibilities:

Unlike other learning management systems, mLMS offers many customization options. You can gamify your courses, generate reports for administrators and learning managers, scan for plagiarism (with additional options for word counts, word clouds, readability scores, peer comparisons, and more), and customize your site, courses, and exams without arbitrary restrictions.

the moodLearning Management System Advantage over Google Classroom

With the various options that our mLMS offers, your online classroom will be a space that allows for a more comprehensive and effective approach to education. Some students may learn better through visual aids, while others may prefer interactive activities or discussion forums. With our multidimensional mLMS, you can incorporate a variety of media formats such as videos, images, podcasts, and interactive simulations to cater to different learning styles.

2. Comprehensive Anti-plagiarism System:

mLMS offers a comprehensive anti-plagiarism service that goes beyond just checking for similarities between documents. Our service goes through four different stages of checking – from submission, to peer comparison, to internet and network search, up to the consolidation of results. For instance, don't you wonder how an essay submission could be so different from previous ones in terms of readability? Plagiarism is not just a cut-and-paste business. Those determined to cheat could well use free paraphrasing tools online, so anti-plagiarism scanning should be "wiser" and not just look for similarities between documents. For more details on our approach to plagiarism, you can check out our anti-plagiarism service website.

3. Wide Range of Exam Types:

With mLMS, you can conduct exams with great attention to technical, methodological, organizational, and behavioral aspects of student evaluation. Some of these options include:

  • Exam time limitation
  • One device limit
  • One browser, one tab limit
  • Restriction of physical activity
  • Restriction of IP
  • Different tests per student
  • Shuffled questions

We offer a wide range of exam types and evaluation options for teachers to provide a more comprehensive evaluation of student learning. Check the full list here. Organizations on Premium Accounts can also benefit from our experience in deploying Proctorial, a live remote exam proctoring platform that upholds academic integrity.

4. Live Remote Exam Proctoring:

Organizations that opt for a Premium Account on mLMS can enjoy live exam proctoring with access to recordings of the exam proceedings for immediate or later review. Proctors monitor the exam live and those with premium accounts may opt for SMS notifications of events, in addition to email and dashboard notifications. With the limitations of the remote set-up, mLMS makes the way for you to still uphold exam integrity.

5. Data Handling and Ownership:

Are you able to archive your Google Classroom materials, posts, grades, etc. all in one go? With mLMS, you have complete control over your data. You can archive your data all at once. This also makes it easier for you to generate reports from your data, may it be about performance, competencies, or attendance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to improve instruction and learning outcomes. If you ever decide to switch to another service provider or go entirely DIY, you still get to keep your data.

6. Personalized Site Support:

Is site support important to you? Do you see yourself having humans around to answer your emails and calls? mLMS offers personalized site support. You can count on us to answer your emails and calls promptly and provide the support you need.

With online and blended learning as part of the new normal, it is important to have a multi-dimensional learning management system that is efficient and effective. Our mLMS provides various tools and features that cater to different learning styles, preferences, and needs, while also addressing current problems of our learning system such as cheating issues and plagiarism.

Learn more about the best practices in deploying the moodLearning Management System. Email us at We look forward to helping you create engaging and effective online learning experiences.