The mLMS Advantage

Google Classroom does many of the basic learning management functions. But if you see youself doing more, find out what the moodLearning Management System (mLMS) has to offer. As collaboration platforms for teachers to create online classrooms, both do the job well. But as they say, the devil is in the details.

the moodLearning Management System Advantage over Google Classroom

'Unli' Possibilities. On mLMS, gamification, reports for administrators and learning managers, site and course customization are hardly constrained by arbitrary restrictions. Goodluck!, if you ever wish to customize a Google Classroom instance.

Antiplagiarism. There's just no antiplagiarism scanning on Google Classroom. Period. As if that functionality isn't enough of a freebee on mLMS, we made the platform more capable of catching the more sophisticated cheaters. For instance, don't you wonder how an essay submission could be so different from previous ones in terms of readability? Plagiarism is not just a cut-and-paste business. Those determined to cheat could well use free paraphrasing tools online, so antiplagiarism scanning should be "wiser" and not just look for similarities between documents. See mLMS antiplagiarism service for more details on our approach to plagiarism.

Exams. With mLMS, exams are taken seriously. Exam integrity is upheld with great attention to technical, methodological, organizational, and behavioral aspects of student evaluation. A myriad of exam types and evaluation options are available for teachers. Organizations on Premium Accounts could well benefit from moodLearning's experience in deploying Proctorial, a live remote exam proctoring platform.

Premium Account. For premium sites, organizations using mLMS can have live exam proctoring. At the Trust Institute of the Philippines (TIFP), for intance, students take exam remotely with proctors having access to  the recording of the exam proceedings for immediate or later review. Proctors monitor live the conduct of the exam. Premium sites may also opt for SMS notification of events, in addition to email and dashboard notifications.

Data Ownership. Are you able to archive your Google Classroom materials, posts, grades, etc. all in one go?  Unlikely. But with mLMS, everything is yours, especially your data. When you're done with moodLearning's services, you still get to keep your own data and decide to work with another service provider or go entirely DIY.

Support. Is site support important to you? Do you see yourself having humans around to answer your emails and calls? mLMS is the right platform for you.

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