Welcome! This blog is dedicated to e-training, e-learning, and technology services of moodLearning for organizations and businesses. This consolidated contents from two old separate blogs: Know SerbizHub and Get eTraining.

First up: Blearn.CO, a blended learning platform for professionals.

Blended Learning

Ok, you must have heard it before already. "Blended learning" is superior to either purely online or purely face-to-face instruction. But you're not quite sure if you can ever be bothered to run a full-fledged e-learning platform on which you conduct e-training.

Enter Blearn.Co, a platform that enables learners and trainors alike to just focus on training and learning and leave the technobubble to some nice guys.

Blearn.CO flyer

Blearn enables teachers to enhance the teaching and learning experience by providing a platform for conducting course activities and sharing materials online. Face-to- face instruction is combined with online means for students to participate (quiz, blog, games, assignments) and interact with each other (wiki, group work, forum) as well as for monitoring activities and assessment of learning outcomes.