Top 5 Advantages of Integrated Inventory, Sales, Accounting Services

Top 5 Advantages of Integrated Inventory, Sales, Accounting Services

1. Bye Excess Inventory!

Perhaps your company has inventory that could run up to tens of millions worth of products and take so long to move. Unable to restock quickly enough to meet demand? That, my friend, is serious waste of money and opportunity.
wasted money!
An integrated inventory, sales, and accounting service can help you keep a "just in time" inventory. It goes beyond your inventory and warehouse people counting inventory items, because information in such system permeates the your organization horizontally and vertically. Your management team can see the inventory in relation to other dimensions of business in real time.

2. Sales monitoring - a cinch!

Perhaps your company is already hitting tens of millions in sales. And you're still using a stand-alone, desktop-bound sales software. So how are you managing your expenses? Sales monitoring doesn't have to involve wading through files and files of spreadsheets, just so you'll get accurate, timely numbers. Medium enterprises can barely survive without a sales monitoring system that connects well with inventory, purchasing, and accounting services.

In such situation, the choice is only between integrated systems and inefficiency. True, the company is growing and sales appear to be picking up. But if there's a huge gap between sales and actual payments, such growth could easily be undermined by such apparent inefficiency.

3. Reasonable Cost

Perhaps $1,500 for a stand-alone desktop software (for 3 users) is cheap. But 20 million pesos for periodic renewal of database license alone is exorbitant. With a stand-alone proprietary system, you may not even be able to unlock the value of your data. The system could just be limited to exporting certain data fields to MS Excel. Your data sets then are inaccessible as bare records begging for further analysis.
Cost-benefit balance of ERP implementation
You might have already been presented with a proposal for a much "larger" ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, costing millions for "basic" features. Just what can you do with it? Not much. You'll also need to pay for implementation cost and licenses for additional modules.

Don't forget customization of additional modules. No? That's additional millions, too!

Between extremes in total cost of acquisition or ownership, there's a sweet spot for reason, openness of data, customization, and business sense.

4. Complexity Managed!

To run your business smoothly, how many people, how much work hours do you need to deal with papers, spreadsheets, meetings, phone calls? Your complex business operations could be helped by integrating your inventory, sales, purchasing, and accounting systems.
Manage complexity to you advantage!

So take a look, for instance, at these Technical Specs of Serbizhub Suite to see if an integrated inventory, sales, accounting service should work for you.

5. Energy!

With your business complexity managed and your timely, accurate operational information flowing in, your people can be made to focus on what's important to them and your company. Your people's energies are a valuable resource. Don't waste them on running inefficient, siloed systems.