HRIS on steroids

HRIS on steroids

Want a convenient way of managing your organization's human resources? Payroll? Check. Time and attendance? Check. Personnel profiles, training, leave management, performance evaluation? All checked, all covered by the peopleSuite Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

What an HRIS does best is the simplification (if not eradication) of paperwork relating to human resource management. But the game changer could really be the integration of the devices that keep track of the "little things" for the system.

Biometric or RFID devices keep records for Time and Attendance. But almost always there are people in your organization personally eyeballing these records for "verification" or manually entering, cutting-and-parting them into the system for the purpose of computing the payroll.

The good news is none of that sort needs to be done with peopleSuite (pS) . pS comes with the peopleSuite middleware that does the integration of devices for the HRIS. As long the devices are connected to the network, biometric information gets transmitted to peopleSuite. If and when the network connection becomes temporarily unavailable, the devices can keep the data and the peopleSuite middleware will later pick up where data aggregation lefts off.

In a word: convenience. Gone are the days when employees have to use log books and attendance cards as their daily time record (DTR). The middleware does the "magic" now by automatically collecting and sorting DTRs from devices.

Does your organization have multiple sites, with multiple devices in multiple building entrances and exits? No worries. The pS middleware will do the "hard work" for you by aggregating the data into a coherent individualized DTR.

From there, viola!, payroll. It means time and money saved by your organization. With the quick aggregation of biometric data using pS middleware, HRIS is on steroids!

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